Halloween Bingo 2018

Finally I have a moment, during that brief spell when I doze off trying to put the kids to sleep & going to bed myself, that brief groggy wakefulness I spend mostly trying to remember where I am. (Usually it's on the couch in the kids' playroom.)
I managed to finish Fritz Leiber's Conjure Wife before September (short book, review coming soon), and am slowly making my way through Joan Samson's The Auctioneer.
(Now where did that bingo card go...?)

Supernatural: Fritz Leiber, Conjure Wife

A Grimm Tale

Darkest London


Cozy Mystery

Genre: Horror


Terrifying Women

Romantic Suspense

New Release


Diverse Voices

Classic Horror


Fear the Drowning Deep

Amateur Sleuth

Ghost Stories: (Richard Matheson, Hell House)

Genre: Suspense

Southern Gothic

Terror in a Small Town: Joan Samson, The Auctioneer (in progress)

Murder Most Foul

Country House Mystery

Modern Masters of Horror

Creepy Carnivals