Superman/Aliens - Dan Jurgens, Kevin Nowlan, Chris Claremont This graphic novel is just awful. As another reviewer stated, it is "hysterically" bad. I would laugh only it was so dumb at times that I actually grew angry.

First of all, the artwork is terrible. There are many glaring inconsistencies between frames, and Superman's face manages the oddest and most ambiguous expressions imaginable. His costume tears up in such an odd way, all of a sudden the left leg is naked. And what is it with Lois Lane's hair? But I digress.

Spoilers ahead: The dumb aspect is revealed in the plot. Superman finds himself amid long-lost Kryptonians and elated to not be the last of his kind. When the aliens break through the Kryptonian stronghold he refuses to kill the creatures, and as a result every single Kryptonian dies!

Meanwhile on the Lexcorp station an alien has managed to sneak in. When it later attacks Lois all the doors lock automatically because the systems pick up an unidentified biological life form. Yet the creature's been there for some time and only when Lois grabs at the door does the super-advanced system (earlier we're told Lexcorp has more funding for space research than NASA) detect it? What about the other aliens that we're taken to the medical centre?

And how could... but I will stop here. Sadly, there are so many plot holes and just plain stupid twists of logic and glaring errors in science. This is when I get angry. Clearly this work was put together to make a quick buck from the Alien franchise. The people behind the work must think that readers are stupid if they believe readers can enjoy this. It is interesting that Dan Jurgens does not write the introduction; I am under the impression he does not want to be associated with this work. The introducer actually applauds and recommends the work. Yet I too would be embarrassed.