The World Below

The World Below - Paul Chadwick, Ron Randall Some interesting ideas are unfortunately transformed into mere backdrop as Chadwick has chosen to focus his uninspired writing on the group of all-too-familiar characters and their inane relationship to one another. In his introduction Chadwick claims that the first chapter is "underwritten," since at the time of writing he "had a new religion of avoiding verbosity." This is odd since the main story-line is compressed due to the amount of back-story he squeezes into a minimal number of frames. We are not allowed to discover in detail the interesting world he has created, nor its fascinating creatures & their unusual behaviour, since he felt it necessary to explain unnecessary character aspects instead of allowing them to naturally develop along the course of the stories. The background art in the first chapter saves it from being a complete waste: notice the eyes gleaming from underneath the rock which the hummer tries to veer around, or the shadowy figure seated in a stone crevice on the third from last frame.