Dark Moon Digest #1

Dark Moon Digest #1 - Stan Swanson You can read my in-depth review at Casual Debris.

Overview: The first issue of Dark Moon Digest is better than I had expected it would be. In a highly competitive market Dark Moon Digest feels quite fresh, and if nothing else has at least set the tone for a publication that will involve its reader and, stories aside, be considerably fun. Overall I would recommend it, if only to help it become a better publication. Both print and electronic copies are available, and cheaper than a lunch at a fast-food outlet. The magazine does need work though: I would recommend they hire a copy-editor as the instances of poor grammar and rickety sentences are too many, marring a couple of the stories. They also need to work on their non-fiction. The stories are good if not great, though there are a couple of nice surprises, especially with two of the zombie inclusions: "Remaining Zheng" and "The Interrogation of John Walker."