Shimmer Magazine (#15)

Shimmer Magazine (#15) - E. Catherine Tobler, Nicole M. Taylor, Dustin Monk, Oliver Buckram, Megan Arkenberg, K. M. Ferebee, Mari Ness, Milo James Fowler For my full-length review, please visit Casual Debris.

What a nice little publication. I've been meaning to get a subscription to this respected quarterly, and as soon as I subscribed online I received an e-promise from publisher Beth Wodzinski that she'll drop it in the mail shortly. A week later I had my copy. Service like that alone deserves a subscription.

Overall the issue was good; a nice quick read. I didn't feel there were any stand-out stories, though at the same time there was not a single piece that wasn't worth a read. Most stories were well written ("The Bird Country") and well structured ("The Undertaker's Son") yet some perhaps could've used some more authorial editing ("A Cellar of Terrible Things"). I also wouldn't have included both "The Undertaker's Son" and "A Cellar of Terrible Things" in the same issue, for while they are quite different, their basic elements are too similar.