Because of What Happened

Because of What Happened - Rob Redman, Matt Plass, Tania Hershman, Ian Sales, James Collett, Tony Lovell, Damon King, Cindy George, S.R. Mastrantone, Paul Lenehan, Tim Lay, Robert Summersgill, Andrew Jury, Ian Shine, Warwick Sprawson For my full review, and reviews of individual stories, please visit Casual Debris.

The latest issue of The Fiction Desk features fifteen stories compressed into 136 pages. No, the font is not shrunken as my opening sentence seems to imply, but instead volume five contains short short stories, including the winner and finalists of their recent flash fiction contest. Not a fan of flash fiction, I was hoping some long pieces would have been included to balance out the issue. Balance, however, turned out not to be a problem, though I find that overall the fifth TFD is so far the weakest. There are no bad stories by any means included, but the consistently strong stories I am now used to are replaced by consistently slightly-above-average stories. I am, however, pleased yet again that the mainstream is ensnared among the unusual, and we have yet another good fantasy from Ian Sales and, my favourite story from the collection, a great surreal piece from Tony Lovell.

As usual, the cover is excellent and the book looks and feels great.