Shimmer Magazine (#17)

Shimmer Magazine (#17) - E. Catherine Tobler, Katherine Sparrow, Robert N. Lee, Sarah Brooks, Helena Bell, Sunny Moraine, Kristi DeMeester, Carmen Maria Machado, Damien Walters, Lavie Tidhar, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Kim Neville, Alex Wilson, Yarrow Paisley, A.C. Wise, Jordan   Taylor, Ada Hoffmann For my full-length review, including review of individual stories, please visit Casual Debris.

With Shimmer's latest, expect the usual shimmery fiction: fantasies with quiet, strong prose, a positive and often sentimental approach to a varied set of ideas. While Shimmer is consistent with its style and good quality writing, as well as with its authors, personally I feel the zine can do with a little noise, some straightforward, less poetically abstract imagery, and often more subtle and ambiguous approaches to its varied ideas. I would also like to see some longer stories included, but that's for personal taste, not general aesthetics.

Shimmer Seventeen features a little sci-fi, some nice ghosts, as well as more than one second-person narration, several unsympathetic mothers and three Canadians, all tossed to the far-end of the collection. My favourites are those by Alex Dally MacFarlane, Yarrow Paisley and Kim Neville.