Bete Noire Issue #12

Bete Noire Issue #12 - A.W. Gifford, Jennifer L. Gifford, Bruce Boston, Michael Lizarraga, Elanore Lennor Bennett, John Grey, Robert Laughlin, Amberle L. Husbands, Daniel C. Smith, Rhonda Parrish, Florence Grey, Enna Limb, R.J. Smuin, Marge Simon, Rish Outfield, J.S. Watts, Suanne Schafer For my full review and review of each story, please visit Casual Debris.

The seven stories are quite short, including one flash piece. The good ideas are unfortunately not brought to their pinnacle of exploration, and tend to the generic in plot and character, which is unfortunate. My favourite pieces were the first two: Rhonda Parrish's "Feederes" and Enna Limb's "Plague Radio."