Shimmer Magazine (#18)

Shimmer Magazine (#18) - Ann VanderMeer, E. Catherine Tobler, Ben Peek, Rachel Marston, Ramsey Shehadeh, Christine Schirr, Ben Godby, Annalee Newitz, Jeff VanderMeer, Dustin Monk
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Guest-edited by illustrious editor Ann VanderMeer, the eighteenth Shimmer is to this date my favourite, featuring an eclectic octave of superior modern genre fiction. As though taking my comments on Shimmer 17 into consideration, its follow-up features the diversity in story content and writing I felt was absent in recent issues, as well as the lengthier stories I was suggesting. Eighteen also includes more graphic violence, though in appropriate context. This includes back-to-back stories featuring splitting heads, which works nicely alongside two stories that employ the word "fragments." There is less fantasy in a good sense, and instead a healthy combination of fantasy, science fiction and psychological horror. My favourite is the one by Dustin Monk.